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(v) Indicates vegetarian items which are also heart healthy.


Assortment of Breakfast choices. Available untill 11am


Sexy Egg Sandwiches

Add An Extra Egg To Any Sandwich For Just - $0.50 | Add Cheese - $.50

Omelette Platters

Sexy Bagels

Sexy basket of sliced bagels is available through our catering department!

Sexy Yogurt Muffins

Sexy Fruit


Sexy Salads

This listing will get you started but you have to come in to see what new and exciting salads we're tossing daily.
Our salads change with the produce season, so stop by year 'round for something new and exciting on every visit.

We do not make any modifications to the small size on the salads, other than adding toppings or chopping.

Half Pound Containers

Sexy Panini & Warm Wraps

We love getting creative at the Sexy Salad.
We're always adding new and exciting sandwiches and paninis to our menu rotation of already extensive choices.

Sexy Sandwiches & Cold Wraps

Sexy Mezza Luna Panini

These became an instant success when we first introduced them as a Special.
They are made on a soft white pita and finished on our Panini grill, served warm.

We cannot make any type of modifications to these Paninis

Sexy Soups

We serve only soups that are made with fresh, all natural ingredients, with no flavor enhancers or preservatives.

All of our gourmet soups are served with a warm, fresh baked pretzel.

Sexy Sides

Bag of Chips




We like to keep things simple and make all of our smoothies with only the ingredients listed, as well as ice.